Well, THIS should be interesting

by allthoughtswork


Anybody got some water wings I can borrow for Saturday?

Image result for rain in portland funnyImage result for rain in portland funny

Image result for rain in portland funny

Image result for rain in portland funny


11 Comments to “Well, THIS should be interesting”

  1. Damnit, where’s my storm? I got excited, prepped all night (okay, I drank and watched The Day After Tomorrow to get proper scared, but it still counts), and braced myself to wake up to a meteorological Armageddon and what do I find? Light rain, not even half an inch, and barely a breeze.

    Snort! There better be gale force wind gusts by nightfall as promised or I’m gonna be pissed:

    Not to be outdone, winds will be impressive with this system as well,
    especially inland. While the strongest south winds will be along the
    coast, with gusts 60-70 mph possible, inland areas will be
    susceptible to gusts in the 35-50 mph range once the warm front
    passes this morning and southerly pressure gradients tighten. Models
    are showing 45-60 kt just above the surface this afternoon and
    evening, with good potential for mixing to the south of the frontal
    zone. It will be windy in the Cascades as well, with good alignment
    in the west-SW winds all the way up to the 90 kt winds at 500 mb per the
    06z NAM. Some higher ridges may knock on the door of High Wind
    Warning criteria late this afternoon into tonight, which is 50 mph
    sustained and 75 mph gusts for the Cascades.


  2. You are not alone.

    We get fed this sort of shit as well.

    Warnings of rainfall of biblical proportion, travel disruption, damage to property and risk life and limb if we venture out to the pub – or maybe that last one is just the neighborhood I live in.

    What do we get ?

    Just as you describe: it rains a bit and gets a bit breezy.

    There will then be a call from the BBC to send in your pictures of The Great Storm of 2017, shortly after which we can idly flick through screens showing garden furniture blown over, people with their hair wet, and some bloke pointing at a buckled wheel after his bike hit a pothole that was hidden in a puddle.

    What I really dread is winter, when 1/2″ of snow brings the country to a complete halt, and the rst of the world point at us and laugh.


  3. It’s after midnight and shit’s getting real, if I hadn’t had a snarling case of insomnia, I would have missed it all: buckets of rain, local flooding, landslides on the highway, but still no gale winds. Does Mother Nature expect me to climb up the giant red pine in the front yard and shake all this year’s old, dead needles down by myself? Why do you think I enjoy these fall storms so much?


  4. Final total: Close to 2.5″ rain, slight backyard flooding, and not even close to enough wind. A few cities to the west broke their rainfall records by more than double and everyone’s waiting with bated breath for the burned area in the Gorge to release deadly landslides so I guess it could be worse.


  5. Maybe we could do with a few more Irish around here….


  6. We check the sky – if it’s dark and it’s daytime we know we’re in shit. No warnings for us, the weather equipment doesn’t work and Zuma has posted all our money to Dubai already.


  7. “We check the sky – if it’s dark and it’s daytime we know we’re in shit.”

    I love the profound simplicity of this sentence.


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