Dating Strategies

by allthoughtswork

First date locations pros and cons

More ideas….

Walk on Beach———–Stunning views——————Of fat parents and their demon spawn

Art Show——————–Amazing sculpture————30 nudes that look better than you

Wine tasting—————Loosened conversation——About the DUI you’ll get driving home

Walking tour of city—-Historical architecture——-Peeing bums don’t aim

Planetarium—————-Romantic dark room———Now he knows you snore

Storm chasing————-Thrilling adventure———–Dead bodies strewn everywhere

Cooking together———Show off dicing skills———ER has uncomfortable chairs

Drive in countryside—-Smell of fresh cut hay——–And cow farts

Netflix and chill————Snuggling on sofa————–You don’t have Netflix. Or a sofa.

Picnic in park—————Fresh air, relaxation———-Scraping dog shit from shoes

Comedy show————-Bonding thru laughter———Drunk heckler pukes in your purse

Arboretum——————Beautiful exotic flora———–Emergency pee break behind ferns

Whale watching———-Perfect Oregon date————No whales? Count hipsters.


2 Comments to “Dating Strategies”

  1. The theatre – – – – – The wonder that is Shakespeare – – – – – Explaining what all this shit is about
    The cricket – – – – – The whack of willow on leather – – – – – [See above]


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