11-year-olds can marry in U.S.

by allthoughtswork

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This is just gross. I had no idea this underage crap was legal in every state. It’s bad enough when some drooping codger weds something young enough to be confused when you describe a record player to her but this is outrageous.

Buy the Girl Scout Cookies and leave it at that, you preevert, don’t marry the messenger.


4 Comments to “11-year-olds can marry in U.S.”

  1. I’m gobsmacked.

    What a mealy-mouthed bunch of fucking hypocrites US politicians are.

    Any other country allowing this sort of child rape and child abuse would be held up to public scrutiny as an example of all that is wrong with the world.

    It’s a bit like the country that attempts to force good ol’ Western democracy down the necks of an unwilling Middle East being run by a bloke who got there courtesy of a pale imitation of that very democracy.

    Not that we’re any bettter . . .

    But we’re British damn it, and can do as we please. We used to have an empire ya’ know!


    • I’ll see your empire and raise you a budding orange Hitler. One thing’s for certain: This country can’t make any German jokes until after Frump slithers down into a bunker like a worm and offs himself with one of his mistresses.


  2. so USA thinks girls are mature enough to get married and start rearing children when they’re 11 yr old but are not mature enough to buy alcohol till their 21 yr old?

    crazy country !

    [makes the UK laws in this regard look a lot better by comparison]


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