I can see this getting into the wrong hands

by allthoughtswork

Some pervy Hollywood producer is gonna make one that attaches to his zipper.


3 Comments to “I can see this getting into the wrong hands”

  1. Early morning at the Campbell Park Offices in Canberra. From our vantage point on the third floor, we were observing the dance of arriving cyclists, ducking and weaving past the ambushing magpies. So far, all of them had got through unscathed.
    But then hove into view, one who refused to bow. With baseball bat whirling above, he coasted through, two feathered escorts hovering mere inches above the flailing arc.
    One of the escorts saw the chance, judged the moment, ducked in and out. The whirling gyroscope lost its centre, began to wobble; gyrations ever wilder as the unbalance took control, and conspiring with the kerb, deposited bike, rider and bat in a tangled heap of bent wheels and wounded pride.
    Victorious magpies doing barrel-rolls overhead, and we the unseen audience sniggering.


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