Thank god I’m an atheist

by allthoughtswork

And I make my own damned coffee.


2 Comments to “Thank god I’m an atheist”

  1. i’m with you on this one!

    seems like every year recently some christians are wingeing about an ‘attack on Xmas’

    bollocks !

    although an atheist, I’m not trying to stop christians celebrating Xmas as the birth of the man they decided to call ‘son of god’ – Jesus, I couldn’t give a toss if that’s what they want to do. As far as I’m concerned they’re welcome to do that if they wish. Meanwhile, me, my fellow atheists, and my hindu, sikh, muslim, christian, and jewish friends will have a lovely xmas meal/party at our local pub on Dec 11th and spend Dec 25 exchanging pressies and enjoying traditional xmas dinner with friends and family

    whereas some christians lament the religious significance they attach to christmas day declining in importance amongst those who celebrate Xmas, I welcome it. Removing christ from xmas means the festival can be celebrated by folk of all religions and none, as a time to recognise the importance of friends and family, to exchange presents and spend time with those for whom we care – [let’s not forget, pagans were celebrating xmas long before the early christian church decided to move the supposed date of jesus’s birth to 25th Dec to coincide with the existing pagan festivities on that day]


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