Zymal Umer – Zee Bags

by duncanr

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it’s all down to 10 yr old pakistani girl Zymal Umer – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40251360


2 Comments to “Zymal Umer – Zee Bags”

  1. Not to be a downer, but the stuff she’s gluing to those bags is even less biodegradable than plastic. And it’s not cost effective. And the industry that makes glue guns and glue pollutes the environment.

    She going about this backwards. Kid, don’t neglect school, learn science and find a way to process plastic bags into something that would benefit your country directly. Then, people would collect the bags voluntarily in exchange for money (like can recycling) and things would clean up on their own.

    I save every bag. They make boot covers when you’ve got to walk through the house from a muddy garden; they are waaay cheaper than packing peanuts or bubble wrap; they become convenient ground cloths when you want to sit your butt down on a wet log during a hike; I have thousands of them saved up to wrap my stuff in when I move; you can even hand-weave them into waterproof mats, which I’m pretty sure the homeless of India would appreciate. (The below is crocheting; I use the hand-weaving knot rug method.)


  2. Reminds me of Stasia, born in Poland about 1925, ate grass and boot leather at times to survive the great depression and WW2, married a nuclear scientist and migrated to Australia 1964. In 1987, three children later, and her husband having moved out, Stasia moved on, and at an age when most are looking to retire, started a Friday night soup kitchen to help the drug-addicted and homeless.
    I met Stasia in 1997. Aged in her 70s, she was providing free bread and homemade vegetable soup to hundreds of young people, and had been awarded the honour of Canberra Citizen of the Year 1996.
    I questioned her. “Why are you providing free food to these able-bodied young people? Shouldn’t they be fending for themselves?”
    “The food is not the issue.” She replied. “The food is just bait. What I am really doing is communicating with them, to heal their souls.” And then she shared with me the story of her life. And hereunder is the relevant bit…
    One of the things she told me that day, was about garbage.
    The Americans invented garbage, she said, and brought it with them to Europe in WW2.
    Before then, we had no garbage. Everything we had, everything we ate, and everything we wore was made from natural materials.
    If shoes and clothing were beyond repair they joined all the rest of the kitchen scraps in the composting heap.


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