London needs more giant steel phalluses!

by allthoughtswork

Apparently, that willy measuring contest with New York and Dubai ended badly.

4 Comments to “London needs more giant steel phalluses!”

  1. London? . . . . London? . . . . .

    It sounds familiar.

    I’m sure I’ve heard the name.

    Isn’t it that place down south where the government seem to think that everyone lives, and is therefore the only place that matters?


  2. Apropos nothing, WordPress just informed me I have 1337 likes on Mad Hatters. I thought, “WTF? Who the hell cares?” So, I Googled. Apparently, 1337 is hacker-speak for “elite” because upside down and backwards, it kinda spells L-E-E-T.

    People need to get outside more.


  3. That was Boris thought of that wasn’t it? He probably thought it might attract a throng of raging nymphomaniacs and he’d end up getting laid. Maybe I’m wrong?


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