Stick that steel guitar up your—

by allthoughtswork

Southwest Airlines is so desperate to erase its assholean past, it’s adding live music to flights. Worst part: It’s country music. Music to rape your cousin by.

The Geneva Conventions are still active, right? We’re allowed to kill them, right?


4 Comments to “Stick that steel guitar up your—”

  1. country music, eh?

    oh well, be thankful for small mercies

    could have been a lot worse – might have been cliff richard or barry manilow on continuous loop!


  2. I heard rumours that Billy Ray Cyrus was getting paid a six-figure sum to perform 12 renditions of Achy Breaky Heart inflight on the Nashville to Memphis route, but he got dragged off of the return flight because of congestion at the departure gates. Apparently there was a queue of NRA members asking for his autograph because someone mistook him for that big game hunting dentist.


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