Learning to Write with Both Hands

by duncanr

one of my earliest memories of school days is my female primary teacher patrolling between the desks of the classroom with a long wooden ruler
which she used to whack me across the knuckles if she caught me writing with my left hand

despite her best efforts, however, forcing me to use my right hand did not turn me from a left-handed to a right-handed person – all it did was make me ambidextrous

how different to her, the attitude of the teacher at this school in India where all 300 pupils are taught to write with both hands – http://tinyurl.com/y7lg6k9x


2 Comments to “Learning to Write with Both Hands”

  1. I thought for sure, after reading that first sentence, this was going to be some sordid kink story. Might still be.

    It reminds me of my favorite college joke:

    A female professor stands before a large auditorium classroom, outlining the rules for the final exam next week. She stresses that students who are late or absent without a valid excuse will not be given a make up exam.

    A cocky male voice pipes up in the back, “What if we can’t make it due to extreme sexual exhaustion?” The room breaks out in nervous titters and giggles.

    The instructor declares, “Then, you’ll just have to write with your other hand,” and the room erupts in cacophonous laughter and applause.

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  2. Teacher’s figured out a way to give ALL the kids a clip around the ear..


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