What could possibly go wrong?

by NobblySan

Why was this ever considered to have been a good idea?

Which ever way you look at it, and however long you debate the pros and cons, it was always going to by just a shit idea.


Thinking that Boris Jockstrap would make a good Foreign Secretary?

No . . . this.



2 Comments to “What could possibly go wrong?”

  1. Mobile frat party? Drunk assholes available by delivery? I’m surprised Amazon drones didn’t start depositing them one by one on people’s doorsteps, flies preemptively open and set to piss on your petunias.

    Any time an asshole defends their own stupidity by claiming a ban on it would be “imposing on people’s freedom,” you know it’s gotta go. (The other key phrase is “free market.”)


  2. Surplus beer bikes will now be cheap as chips in Amsterdam.

    This is a great opportunity for madhatters to demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

    Yes, now’s the time to snap up the bargain beer bikes, bring ’em back to Oldham, Birmingham, Fircombe Hall or wherever, and watch the profits roll in.

    Of course it may be necessary to reach agreement with municipal authorities on kickbacks profit sharing arrangements.


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