Time changes

by duncanr

daylight savings time ended for americans last night (we in the UK put our clocks back an hour a week ago)

nowadays, with modern technology, and an internet connection, many of our devices reset the clock automatically requiring no action from us

some pre-digital timepieces, however, still need to be manually reset

spare a thought then for these groundsmen at . . .

Stonehenge in England – takes the poor buggers fucken ages to move all these bastard stones back an hour


4 Comments to “Time changes”

  1. In Queen’sland, there is no daylight’s saving, because it was unacceptable to the voters, because the extra hour of daylight would of faded peoples curtain’s.

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    • DLS does precisely the opposite of what it’s supposed to do here, namely save electricity. Oregon tried to vote it away a while back but I don’t know what happened. Peer pressure, probably, it got Indiana.


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