Something for the Weekend – No 290

by duncanr

feel free to share a sample of what you are listening to this weekend in a comment to this post

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2 Comments to “Something for the Weekend – No 290”

  1. This one has been running through my head for days, I even woke up at 3 AM today with it still going. It’s a soundtrack that accompanies memories of driving through the Colorado high country on the way to the mountains I climbed in the 90s. A good part of the fun was those long drives, chock full of freedom and fresh air.

    My favorite road was Highway 285 leading straight to triple-peaked Mt. Princeton, which I’ve been up many times (classic route is between the left and central summits.) Mt. Antero is the peak next to Princeton in the clouds on the left, one of the longest, most grueling summits I’ve ever done.

    I just mute the videos below while playing the song above.


  2. This lot were always high, but it had nowt ter do wi’ mountins our kid!

    They had more chemicals than ICI


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