Poppy appeal / remembrance day

by NobblySan

I won’t waffle on about this, but suffice to say that I fully agree with this bloke.

I detest commercialisation, political correctness and the hijacking of good causes.


11 Comments to “Poppy appeal / remembrance day”

  1. 100% with you on this one, nobbly

    I used to wear a poppy when I was a youngster, but not now !

    I feel the same as this guy – http://tinyurl.com/ybzxf2eb – wearing a poppy has changed from a mark of respect and remembrance of those who have given their lives for this country, into a symbol of patriotism


    • I still buy several every year (mainly because I always lose the bloody things), but over the past few years have, like yourself, felt increasingly uneasy at the hijacking of the symbol to represent ‘Britishness’ rather than remembrance.

      The fund is still worth donating to, though, and I reckon that my Mum and Dad would have been most disapproving if I didn’t at least make the effort to wear one for a while – even though they do make hole in your jumper, or you stick that bloody pin in your chest.


      • After all the ‘holier than thou’ furore (by an assortment of folk who probably never buy one themselves) over footballers not being allowed to have a poppy on their shirts last year, I’m encouraged to see that both Engerland! and Dem Jairmens will be wearing them in their upcoming match.

        That should have the knuckle-dragging right wing scratching their heads, or their arses, or wherever they keep what passes as their brains.


      • i’ve got 2 of the bloody things on the desk beside me – like you, I buy them every year, but wear them less and less often


  2. “felt increasingly uneasy at the hijacking of the symbol to represent ‘Britishness’ rather than remembrance.”

    Precisely the reason you can bet anyone displaying an American flag on their house, clothing, or Dodge truck ain’t an educated Democrat. (heh, heh) Symbolism is an excellent substitute for critical thinking among groups that require blind fealty–the very types of groups who seem to need an Other to rally against. Bigotry, for the win. I don’t fly the flag on the Fourth of July for the same reason most Christians don’t wear gigantic gold crosses around their necks on Christmas–it’s overkill (pun intended).

    “stick that bloody pin in your chest.”

    Just take out one of your nipple rings. I’m surprised you didn’t think of it before.


    • As has been said before:

      Patriotism is being proud of your country for what it does.
      Nationalism is being proud of your country despite what it does.

      I get the feeling that in (some parts of) the US of A the lines are somewhat blurred, and if you’re not seen as a patriot, then you’re seen as a threat.

      . . . and it’s getting that way over here as well.


      • Yup, you nailed it, the old Us vs. Them rhetoric. I see it as the predictable extension of a terrified feeling of economic disempowerment.

        People know, deep down, that they’re fucked and have very little recourse in a plutocratic system. They can’t punch up, so they punch down, that’s what small-minded bullies do. They’re looking for relief, they’re desperate for it, and for some reason the option of educating themselves about what’s really going on and voting the crooks out of office doesn’t seem to cross their mind much.

        Not much DOES cross a mind like that, that’s why there are so many Make America Great Again hats walking around Walmart. Their country has ruthlessly, brazenly, and undeniably mortgaged away their financial safety but, damnit, they’ve still got their FREEDOM!

        Hint: “Freedom” is pronounced “guns.”


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