‘Tis the season

by allthoughtswork

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

Well, fuck me runnin’, it’s starting. Every year around this time, nearly half of the excellent stations programmed into my vehicle radio devolve into a constant sludge of holiday music that would make a toddler’s ears bleed. There’s no mercy until either you take your own life in an eggnog overdose or New Year’s Eve rolls around, an often simultaneous event. Then everything goes back to rock and jazz.

My personal tactic is to run through my CD collection until I destroy a few more from wear and tear (I’m old school) and shamelessly take very opportunity to sing in public the only holiday tune I’ll sanction:

Yes, I really do this and, yes, I’m really good. As a contralto, I have a kinda Rosemary Clooney thing goin’ on.


4 Comments to “‘Tis the season”

  1. I share your dislike of the xmas songs that assault our ears while listening to the radio or shopping in stores at this time of the year

    it’s always the same old songs, year after year after year

    if only a store or radio station was brave enough to play a somewhat different xmas song for once

    something like this perhaps?


  2. See!

    It’s only halfway through November and those twats at the Mad Hatters are posting a load of christmas songs.


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