Dogs Having Fun

by duncanr


4 Comments to “Dogs Having Fun”

  1. Do you realise that the shower of shit that passes for our representatives in parliament have just decided that animals are not sentient beings capable of experiencing emotions and pain?

    Please sign this, and pass it on to all your contacts:

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      • Hell, doesn’t Christianity already take care of the “[existing] purely for our benefit” crapola? I mean, according to the jumbled bowel movement of a book they reference all the time, pretty much everything in existence is here explicitly for man’s (and I stress that gender advisedly) purposes and appetites. Absolute fuckers.

        You know, it just dawned on me what I truly hate about the conservative parties so very, very much: the lack of empathy. That’s it in a nutshell. Narcissistic, destructive, heartless, absolute fuckers. I could write so much more about this but I’m afraid I’ll start swearing.

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