The Laziness Hall of Fame

by allthoughtswork

Runners up.


2 Comments to “The Laziness Hall of Fame”

  1. hey, I did that xmas tree hack last year to wind up my partner who was giving me stick for not putting a xmas tree up – put the pressies in a corner of the room and pinned one of those little xmas tree automobile air fresheners to the wall above them

    p.s. she was not impressed by my inventiveness


    • The goal is not to impress, dear man, the goal is to convince the knickers off. Nothing makes a woman’s undergarments glide to the floor faster than doing the chores she doesn’t want to do–without asking and without pointing it out.

      Trust me, she’ll notice, and whether she mentions it or not, she’ll add coins to your Preferred Sex Position Bank that you can cash in on later. With interest.

      PS: If sex isn’t your thing, fold a hundred pound note into a triangle tree shape and tack it to the wall. When she asks what the hell, tell her it’s a Christmas tree but, like everyone else, she can’t take it down until after the holidays. You definitely won’t get laid but you’ll have a good laugh, which will help offset the distress of not getting laid.


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