Microburst or tornado?

by allthoughtswork

You often can’t tell from the damage. This shit gets very real when you’re trying to land a 747 and you don’t see it coming–a disturbingly common occurrence.

There’s a place along the highway to the Oregon coast showcasing the remnants of an event like this. Mature Douglas firs 150′ high were snapped off like matchsticks about twenty feet above the ground. It looks like the world’s biggest, scariest weed whacker mowed the entire forest like a lawn. The home across the road from this spectacle was cleaved in two by one trunk.

Microbursts cannot be predicted like tornadoes, it’s strictly an “Oh, shit!” kinda thing. There’s no warning, no signal, not even a visual cue to look for. It just kills things. That’s why I’ll hike in the rain, but only out in the open.

2 Comments to “Microburst or tornado?”

  1. scary stuff, right enough!


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