Internet Escape Pod

by duncanr

the internet pervades all our lives, and with smart phones, tablets, wireless technology we can be permanently connected to the digital world

now some folk see this as a bad thing – KFC is selling an Internet Escape Pod, which is basically a steel mesh tent covered in foam that blocks a wireless signal – – for such folk

personally, I see this as a good thing – especially during the holiday season. I am old enough to . . .

remember a time before the internet, and those long interminably boring xmas day celebrations watching crap on TV, playing monopoly, wishing for night to come quickly to escape the enforced interaction with other family members and relatives

however, if you are looking for an internet-free Xmas to spend quality time with your family but have not been able to get your hands on a KFC Internet Escape Pod, don’t despair

just gather up all smart phones, lock them in a drawer, then switch off your router, and with the money you haven’t foolishly wasted on KFC’s Internet Escape Pod buy lots of wine, beer, and whisky (or other spirit) to help you survive a whole day spent with your family. Trust me, you’ll need that booze !!!

One Comment to “Internet Escape Pod”

  1. There’s a portable version of this, it’s called hiking.

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