St Andrew’s Day

by duncanr

scots the world o’er will be celebrating Andrew – the patron saint of Scotland – today

some will don tartan, many will open a bottle or two, and quite a few will be hungover tomorrow, for St Andrew’s day is a fine excuse to get blootered

it’s also a fine excuse for me to . . .

repost a song by one of my favourite singers – which also happens to showcase some fine scottish scenery


6 Comments to “St Andrew’s Day”

  1. Damnit, Duncan, when I fall for clickbait posts like these I expect to be rewarded with some kind of nudity. I mean, the music was nice but were you at least naked when you hit Enter?


  2. Love it. One of my most favourite holidays ever was yer man and I’s trip to the highlands. And the scots really are so like the Irish, different in some ways but similar in what really matters. I’d love to go back again although West Cork is calling next year.


    • glad you and yer man enjoyed your visit to Scotland, Tric

      holidayed a couple of years near Belfast when I was in my teens (a very long time ago now} but apart from a couple of day trips across the border, never really made it in to the South – hoping some day to get to Dublin, and west of Ireland


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