Tips for Meghan Markle on how to be British

by allthoughtswork

Image result for funny map of britain

Only one Pop-tart flavor? That can’t be legal.

PS: I will never say “maths.”


3 Comments to “Tips for Meghan Markle on how to be British”

  1. I can only assume that Manchester isn’t shown on that map because some bugger asked the author the time while his little brother nicked the bloke’s pen.

    Excellent article by the way. Most enlightening to see how you ex-colonial types are attempting to assume a little culture, although I do rather suspect that this poor individual is living in London, so she can be forgiven for thinking that we’re all a bit fucking daft.

    Now if only you could learn to spell . . .


  2. . . . and!

    The ‘massive shithole’ leader line needs to be approximately trebled in length, to point at Birmingham.

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