I wonder if she . . .

by NobblySan

. . . is familiar with the phrase “Consider yourself lucky”?

When this story first broke last year, I was horrified at the blatant sense of privilege prevailing over normal rule of law; but for the arrogant little bitch to even consider trying to appeal against her suspended sentence is just taking the piss.

If she’d been a checkout operator at Tesco she’d have been banged up for wounding after a one-day trial,  and quite rightly so.

Fucking grow up, you sad little girl, and if you aspire to be a surgeon, don’t practice on your boyfriend with a breadknife before you’re qualified.

Maybe they should get her to operate on the judge to correct his cranio-rectal inversion.




2 Comments to “I wonder if she . . .”

  1. favoured treatment for privileged prats is not just a feature of the criminal justice system in the UK – witness this case in the USA http://tinyurl.com/y8wk37lc


  2. Maybe she should have grown some illegal plants (harming nobody).

    She’d have stood a much better chance of being banged up for a few years.


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