The Disappearing Assessments

by duncanr

on 25th June 2017, David Davis went on national TV and said the Government had completed 50 -60 sector analyses on the impact of brexit

fast forward to 6th December 2017 and David Davis admits to a parliamentary committee that the government has done NO assessments of the impact of brexit on any sector of the british economy

is it any wonder folk treat, with a healthy degree of skepticism, much of what comes out of a politicians mouth !


2 Comments to “The Disappearing Assessments”

  1. Nothing surprises me where this shower of incompetent, self-serving bastards are concerned.

    From the idiot May propping up her own ineptitude by going in hock to that bunch of fringe nutters, the DUP, through the ignominy of having a second-rate TV personality as Foreign Secretary, to the fact that Davis and his team have such a cavalier attitude to the truth – they stink, the lot of them.

    This is not just a party-political rant, because I have an equally low opinion of the other lot, and their rampant disregard for truth, pushed by the authoritarian Momentum group, who seem to be deaf and blind to any criticism of Saint Jeremy.

    In the past, I’ve hoped for a more anarchic solution with a total non-politician driving through real system change for the benefit of the people. The trouble is, the yanks (and by default, the rest of the world) got one of those last year, and look at the mess we’re in now.

    I give up.


  2. Well, we need a democratic system, with proportional representation.

    Unfortunately, the referendum held on this issue in 2011 rejected it.

    Probably because the Tories and Labour canvassed hard against it.

    I wonder why.


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