Should be an app for that

by allthoughtswork

My grandpa sends me this every time I'm on my phone next to him

This grandpa sends this photo to his grandson every time the kid is sitting next to him, looking down at his smartphone. I like this grandpa.


2 Comments to “Should be an app for that”

  1. me too

    one of my drinking cronies on a wednesday afternoon has always got his phone in his hand or on the table in front of him, constantly checking it for messages

    I’d like to send something like this to him everytime he picks up his phone or looks at it – though I doubt it would have any effect on him, sadly


    • Next time he “whips it out,” exclaim, “Is that ANIMAL PORN?” loudly enough that people can hear. Do it every time. Should only take a few lessons. Unless he’s a freak, in which case you need new drinking buddies.


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