What type of drunk Scotsman are you?

by allthoughtswork


Take the quiz!

I got:

You are the scholar.

You have discussions about current affairs and what should happen. You put everything into perspective and you always have a captive audience listening to your every word. You are a genius to your peers.

My god, it’s like they’re stalking me, except they left out “alluringly independent and bewitchingly hot.” I’m sure it’s just a typo.


4 Comments to “What type of drunk Scotsman are you?”

  1. ha, I’m the ‘drunk, crazy one’

    ‘You are by far the wildest type of Scotsman when you drink. You go wild and you don’t care. People love the way you liven up a party by the way you act when drinking.. Your friends accept you for who are and you appreciate this’

    sounds pretty accurate, actually !

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