Off the rails

by allthoughtswork

Image result for tacoma train derailment 2017

A Seattle-to-Portland commuter train derailed during rush hour this morning, sailing off a bridge and mashing itself into the highway traffic below. It was the inaugural run of a new high speed route that officials were warning only weeks ago would end in tragedy.

This is the 30-mph curve it careened around at 81 mph. train

So far, the cost of carving off only 10 minutes from the original 3 1/2 hour route (yes, you read that right) is a death toll of 3 and rising, 100 injured, and the original $180.7 million price tag plus the millions it will take to remedy every aspect of this clusterfuck, from highway repair and hazardous chemical clean up to the stack of lawsuits that no doubt launched from a hundred lawyer’s desks the instant that lead engine kissed the concrete.

Witnesses raced in and helped, because they are human beings.

Trump, who is not, responded by first marketing himself and his policies, THEN offering condolences to the victims.

Somebody sure as shit went off the rails today but it wasn’t the conductor.

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2 Comments to “Off the rails”

  1. janey godley – – perfectly sums up the vainglorious arsehole in the white house with that placard

    who else’s first instinct on learning of a human tragedy is to exploit that event to promote their own political agenda ?

    [pretty sure he needed to be prompted to send that second sympathetic tweet!]


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