Something for the Weekend – No 297

by duncanr

feel free to share a sample of what you are listening to this weekend in a comment to this post

if you want to listen to previous weekend songs featured on MH, click the ‘something for weekend’ tab on top menu just under header to this page


7 Comments to “Something for the Weekend – No 297”

    • He looks nearly as scary as Ian Curtis.


      • Ha! Funny you should say because I was going to add that I never watch the music videos for any songs. I’m always morbidly depressed to learn what the artist actually looks like and how they interpret their own music.

        Meanwhile, my imagination consistently errs on the side of everyone being hot, mentally stable, and kind. Reason enough to stay off social media, FYI.


  1. I was heavily into Joy Division ‘back in the day’ and loved the darkness of their music.

    When so-called celebrities die these days I’m seldom upset any more than I would be if anyone else had died, but when I heard that Ian Curtis had killed himself, I was genuinely saddened. I guess it was the nature of his lyrics and the fact that he suffered from depression that made it all seem so bloody obvious.


  2. I can be.

    More cheerful stuff from the lads . . .


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