So, everybody east of me…what’s 2018 like?

by allthoughtswork

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I’m in Portland, Oregon at UTC -08:00. If you’re east of me, you’ve got dibs on the new year. All your glittering balls are gonna drop before mine.

That didn’t sound right.

Anyhoo, gimme a heads up, will ya? How does 2018 look? Is it safe to leave the house? Do I need more liquor? I got shit to do.

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4 Comments to “So, everybody east of me…what’s 2018 like?”

  1. i’m starting 2018 with a stinking cold!

    it’s 01:42hr here and I’m just having a hot toddy before toddling off to bed

    had a great night seeing in the new year with some friends in a local ‘old fashioned’ pub with a large selection of ‘real ales’ on tap

    was a great night – £5 a ticket, included lots of buffet finger food on tables and burgers, hot dogs, samosas, pakora, vegetable curry, etc

    entertainment was provided by a great tribute band – black country beatles

    started at 19:30 hr yesterday evening – pub doors locked, had to knock and show your ticket to get in, then doors locked behind you once inside.

    great party, great night, and still going on when I left, but had to drag myself away around 01:00 hr when my voice gave up on me

    think I may need a 2nd hot toddy before heading to bed !

    anyways, happy new year tae yin an’ all – may 2018 bring you everything you wish for!


  2. So, what, you DROWN the cold virus?

    I got all my drinking out of the way earlier in the week so I could perform my traditional New Year’s Eve/Day hike and wake up feeling good instead of rockin’ a hangover. I like to feel sanctimonious.

    The evening did not disappoint as there was an orange and magenta sunset in the west and a glorious supermoon in the east. With a frigid wind blowing, the trail was mine and I had a lot of time to think, all bundled up in the dark.

    I’m going to spend a lot more time in 2018 thinking deliberately and proactively rather than merely reacting to whatever comes about and then wasting precious energy and resources soothing the emotional fallout. I began experimenting with this approach a few months ago and I must say, suddenly feeling more peaceful and centered overall left me a little jarred: I’m not used to having nothing to self-medicate at the end of the day. Being “okay” is gonna take some getting used to, but challenge accepted.


    • Hey – sounds like a great challenge to take on.

      I’m really attracted to this novel idea of being ‘okay’ rather than stressed out and worrying.

      OK, I don’t drink much alcohol anyway – I just don’t like the feeling of being slightly out of it, and my reality isn’t that bad that I feel the need to alter it short-term with drugs – but the idea of a clear-headed hike definitely has the edge over a thumping headache any day.


      • I’ve heard worrying called “planning for failure” and it really resonated. Worrying doesn’t do a thing, anyway, except raise your cortisol level. And anybody with a larger waist size than they’d like knows damned well what cortisol does.

        I got a head start on it last fall, but 2018 is truly my Year of N=1, meaning it signals the end of the research phase and the beginning of the pedal-to-the-metal phase for all the mind-body stuff I’ve soaked up. Time to prove I’m really as smart as I look and, you know, do some cool shit.

        Watching my enemies writhe with envy was just an afterthought, I swear.


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