Fire and Fury: A Goat Rodeo in 336 Pages

by allthoughtswork

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The funniest thing I’ve heard all week is conservatives whining like three-year-olds about how “untrue” Wolff’s account is of our Cheeto in Chief.

Sweethearts, when you coin the phrase “alternative facts,” you’ve already flushed your own heads down the toilet, just pinch your noses closed and enjoy the swirly. You voted for him.


5 Comments to “Fire and Fury: A Goat Rodeo in 336 Pages”

  1. hhmmm, his lawyer issues ‘cease and desist’ demand on grounds Bannon breached non-disclosure agreement, blabbing about confidential information yet at same time trump dismisses everything in the book as lies

    surely, it’s one or the other, but not both?


  2. “Goat rodeo” had me laughing, that’s exactly what it is. I love love love Colbert’s take on any news out of Trumpland. Great post.


    • I got that phrase from the comments section in the first link. Had me snorting with laughter.

      Colbert is wicked smart. It relaxes my brain to hear full-grown adults string together coherent thoughts in complete sentences. I miss Jon Stewart.

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      • I miss him too! Much as I love Colbert this way, I miss Colbert Report too. And I agree, so necessary to hear intelligent adults giving commentary after all the insane babbling and nonsense we hear daily from the White House.


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