Internet Wine Opener

by duncanr

at the CES tech show in Las Vegas, guy demonstrates new wine bottle opener (costing around $1000) that doesn’t require removing cork from the bottle

he was motivated to come up with this gadget when his wife became pregnant because, as he put it, she stopped drinking alcohol so he had to drink a bottle of wine on his own and couldn’t drink it fast enough before wine was spoilt

couple of things struck me immediately . . .

drinking a bottle of wine on his own was a problem? – what a strange man!

couldn’t finish a bottle once it was opened? – bloody amateur!

another thing, if he can’t drink a bottle of wine in one ‘sitting’, why not buy a bottle with a screw top, or indeed a box of wine?

someone else less than impressed by this ‘invention’ left this comment on youtube . . .

My wife got pregnant and stopped drinking so I had a problem“. Pretty sure an abortion costs less than $1000…


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3 Comments to “Internet Wine Opener”

  1. Also, did you see how slow that gadget dispenses the vino? I can drink faster than that, so let’s not get any washable glasses involved, shall we?

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  2. Memo: Urgent.

    Attn: Cellarmaster

    We are in receipt of a complaint concerning a bottle of port, circa 1695, estimated value £30,000 £30 for the bottle.

    At time of purchase, the customer brought it to your attention that the bottle appeared to weigh considerably less than might be expected, but was nevertheless persuaded to buy it. However, when uncorked, the bottle was found to contain an amount of port insufficient to wet the bottom of the glass – three droplets in all. Our insurers have been informed.

    We note that this is the third similar complaint received in the past month, since we were persuaded, upon your recommendation, to purchase “Coravin” testing apparatus.

    And why isn’t the Coravin hanging in its usual spot, dammit. We didn’t buy for you alone to use. I’ve been trying to find it all last week for urgent testing of the aperitifs. Just put it back, OK?

    The Management.

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