We’re gettin’ a new state!

by allthoughtswork

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Apparently, rural folk have had it up to here with all the liberal, progressive crap their state of California has been pullin’. They want to secede and form their own state: Trumpland.

Oh, sorry, that should read “New California.” 

They’ve picked out a flag with a mutated bear head (a near-sighted, bipolar pile of mange who sleeps half the year seems apropos) and declared their independence just this Monday!

Of course, the logic of this move has been debated: “The idea that rural Californians would have better education, infrastructure, and health-care services if only they had lower tax rates, and no access to state revenues generated in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, is delightfully delusional.”

By the way, if you’ve noticed that Republicans tend to throw tantrums and threaten to stomp out of the sandbox with their toys every time they don’t get their way, congratulations, your vision is fine.

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