“And another one down, and another one down, another one bites the dust…”

by allthoughtswork

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Believe it or not, those were the lyrics I heard on the radio RIGHT AFTER the DJ announced the shooting at Columbine High School happening just a mile away from me in 1999.

I remember freezing in place and staring at the radio, aghast. Apparently, no one had had the foresight to check the station’s playlist during the shitstorm. Fifteen people bled out on cold linoleum while Queen trilled about bullets flying to a hard downbeat. I can’t believe nobody at that station got fired for it.

There have been 31 school shootings since then–just school shootings, not including all the other American massacres–and we’re still hearing the most mind-blowingly inappropriate refrain play over and over….

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families….” 

Fuck you, Repubs. You can’t pray inner demons away and closing your eyes and muttering to Jesus has zero effect on real, live, first person shooters, either.

You’ve fought long and hard to keep background checks from inhibiting insane citizens’ right to squeeze off round after round into children’s faces, so step forward and claim your reward: 2 more adolescent-sized caskets and counting.

Hell, even my giant nutball neighbor with the anger management issues has three handguns. He bought them right after Sandy Hook to “protect” his family, you told him to. I’m amazed his kids are still alive. I’m amazed a stray bullet hasn’t clipped my temple through both our rickety, cheap-ass walls.

UPDATES TO REMOVE NUMBER OF PEOPLE INJURED - Police escort a person, second from right, out of the Marshall County High School after shooting there, Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018, in Benton, Ky.  Gov. Matt Bevin said two people were killed numerous others were injured in the shooting. (Dominico Caporali via AP)

Today, the latest spray of bullets hit schoolkids in Kentucky. You remember Kentucky, that’s where the governor declared “You can’t regulate evil.” Not when he’s living at the Governor’s House, you can’t. Meanwhile, the grand majority of his state, and this entire country, want tighter gun regulations, much tighter. What are you doing about it?

Some moron in the comments section of Huff Post had the gall to ask:

What is causing teens to resort to using lethal weapons to express their … what? … anger, sadness, revenge, resentment, feelings of inadequacy, unhappiness ….. 
Adolescent years are challenging. Gun control won’t help much. How about teaching healthy ways to deal with intense emotions. Suggestions… ?

David Bailey’s immediately response hit her right between the eyes:

“What is causing teens to resort to using lethal weapons . . .” you ask? But I don’t see Australian teens, or French teens, or Spanish teens, or Japanese teens, or Chilean teens, or Canadian teens, or indeed, any number of OTHER countries’ teens resorting to the use of lethal weapons.

So what could be causing AMERICAN teens to do this? What is the one unique difference here that could make it possible? There MUST be an answer somewhere.

Preach, David.

Fuck you, Repubs.


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