by duncanr

Every year around this time, folk around the world gather together for an evening of food, drink, speeches, poetry, song, and dance to commemorate Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns, born Jan 25th 1759

I will be attending a large formal Burns Dinner/Dance on Saturday but this afternoon I’m providing haggis samosas for an informal ‘Burns Supper’ at my local pub

so there won’t be much in the way of posts from me today – I’ll be cooking samosas most of this morning and partying most of the afternoon !


7 Comments to “Apologies”

  1. The world should celebrate more poets and have more National Bards. I don’t know about the Haggis part….

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  2. Apologising for the samosas already and you haven’t even farted started yet? They must be real kilt raisers.


  3. I read that as “Haggis Mimosas” at first and immediately started questioning our friendship.


  4. Sláinte. You are most possibly unable to say that by now. Enjoy your warm up for Saturday.


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