10,000 steps a day? You’ve been had.

by allthoughtswork

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Turns out, it was a marketing program the Japanese cooked up in the 60s.

And you all fell for it, slackers, just like green Gatorade and gluten-free underwear. PS: Those standing desks are kinda crap, too. Even though I have one. Ahem.

You want smaller pants? Turn off that screen and go out for a short, brisk walk. I’m up to 10+ miles of hiking per week–no GPS, no Fitbit, no fucks given. Smaller pants.

3 Comments to “10,000 steps a day? You’ve been had.”

  1. I thought as much in 1964 mate.
    Mind you, I do take a walk to make a cup of tea several times a day, sometimes without me stick!
    Isn’t that Japanese inventor in Politics now?
    Hehe! TTFN


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