Desi Shotgun Wedding

by duncanr

in the Indian state of Bihar, they call it “Pakadua Vivah” – the kidnapping of young men by a girl’s family or friends and forcing them at gunpoint to marry the girl

and it’s on the rise –

hhmmm, kidnapping and coercion doesn’t seem a very promising basis on which to found a stable, and happy, long-term relationship

wonder how many of these . . .

Pakadua Vivah marriages were ‘arranged’ rather than ‘forced’ ?

the cynic in me is imagining a scenario where boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl (and she with him), boy wants to marry girl but girl’s family can’t afford to pay dowry requested by boy’s parents for their consent to marriage, boy colludes with girl ( and her family) to have himself kidnapped and ‘forced’ to marry girl ?


One Comment to “Desi Shotgun Wedding”

  1. You must be joking, Duncan, because men have been forcing women to marry them for centuries and no one’s made a peep (that anyone’s listened to).


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