It falls on hump day this year, you know what THAT means….

by allthoughtswork

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It means you have to get up early for work the next morning, what did you think it meant? Preevert.


3 Comments to “It falls on hump day this year, you know what THAT means….”

  1. I have mixed feelings about valentine’s day

    my partner was taken into hospital over a week ago and it would be nice if they released her in time for valentine’s day next week

    but if they don’t, the Scot in me is thinking of the money i’ll save not having to buy an expensive meal and bottle of wine!


    • Oh, you don’t get off that easy, you old sod. You’re honor bound to sink the equivalent into flowers and balloons and bring it to her hospital room. Call it Sex Insurance.


      • had some good, and some bad, news today

        first, the bad – partner phoned me from hospital to say she was being let out, could I come and collect her

        then the good news – no more than 15 minutes after I’d brought the bugger home, nurse phoned to request I bring her straight back

        she put up a fight, but eventually a compromise was reached – hospital agreed she could have one night at home provided I brought her back in early tomorrow morning

        she’s having a doze now while I open a second bottle (hic!) – hopefully though, I might still be on track to avoid spending any siller on an expensive valentine’s day dinner for the sneaky cow!


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