Love is ? Take your Pick . . .

by duncanr

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2 Comments to “Love is ? Take your Pick . . .”

  1. I love the scene in which a person isolates with a smartphone—that’s perfect.

    The last date I had was a date by default. I treated her to dinner at a very popular restaurant. Yet halfway through dinner, she got bored—and spent the rest of our date with her face and fingers glued to a smartphone.

    That was many years ago—and that was the last date I had.

    This is just one reason I hate cellphones and smartphones so much.

    Cellphones and smartphones don’t just kill relationships—they kill romance. They kill everything that makes us human. They are mindless, godless, and inhuman. And they make their users more and more mindless, godless, and inhuman–as their users become more and more addicted to them.


    • Next time, get up and walk out of the restaurant while the boorish lady’s head is down, she’ll not be the wiser until the smirking waitstaff appears with the check. Cellphones are, indeed, godless but the devil handles bad dates.


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