The bastard only got community service

by allthoughtswork

The idiot teen who destroyed 49,000 acres of historic, protected forest with a single firecracker last fall just got handed probation, the little fucker.

Hundreds of people nearly died, entire towns’ livelihoods were depleted, gigantic swaths of wildlife were exterminated in the most excruciating way, the Portland metro area and surrounding communities choked inside brownish-yellow ash clouds and 110-degree heat that filled emergency rooms with victims, the main arterial highway leading into Portland was shut down for months (the historic one next to it, a huge tourist draw, still is), hundreds of firefighters and rescue workers risked their lives for weeks, saving people and trying to hold the fire line, the National Forest Service, already on financial life support due to the Trump administration, will be nearly exhausted by years of clean up and repair, and the steep, steep hills of the Columbia River Gorge Natural Scenic Area will rain down loose boulders, mud, and tree corpses for generations, clogging creeks, ripping apart trails, and braining hikers.

But, hey, the kids laughed and got it all on video, because YOLO, right?


What really yanks my chain is how often the media pointed out his family’s religious proclivities and church attendance. I’m not sure why you’d want to trot out an institution that clearly did not teach him values. Best case scenario, it will steer critical thinkers away from that crap in the future based on results.

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Original breaking post on this story here.


6 Comments to “The bastard only got community service”

  1. punishment fit the crime ? – certainly doesn’t seem to apply here !


    • The laws are unfortunate, only allotting a mild punishment to inadvertent destruction by fire. I’d like to have him stand by while someone “inadvertently” sets all his property alight and see how he fares emotionally.


  2. Oh my, the little shit should have got way more punishment!


    • Agreed, but civil suits will follow. Sooner or later, the full impact of his actions will ruin his life and that of his family. I’m not sure how I feel about that but, hopefully, it will set a precedent that deters future idiots.

      Then again, Trump voters abound. Common sense doesn’t always sink in naturally.

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  3. Nah the judge just figgered his actions were justified in the light of community expectations – after all he was just clearing the way for oil and gas rigs – Win win!

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