Shit, I’m Old !

by duncanr

‘cos I remember every one of these . . .




more pics here –


11 Comments to “Shit, I’m Old !”

  1. I visited New York City and took photos of the World Trader Centers with one of these:


  2. I was going to say, “Thanks for reminding me,” but I had already looked in a mirror this morning.


  3. A friend went to the top of some mega building in New York years ago and took 36 photos. He spent a small fortune getting them developed only to discover all he’d got was a light shining as the flash had reflected off the windows.
    And from your post it would appear I too am old.


    • Oooo, that reminds me of the time I took an entire roll of spectacular photos at Arches National Park, then learned the film had never advanced on the spool, it was all exposed on one frame. Grrrrr.

      PS: I love digital cameras.

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      • one of the many advantages of digital cameras is instantly having a copy of pic you’ve just taken

        I well remember, back in the day, little rolls of film rolling about for months amongst the clutter in a kitchen drawer till someone got round to taking them out to be developed – by which time none of the family could remember where or when the pics had been taken or who was in them, so it was always a surprise when the photos came back and we saw them

        I mind, though, the disappointment to find there were always some that were too bright, some too dark, and some too blurred. Nowadays, some of these faults can be rectified to some extent with photo editing software – another advantage of digital cameras – but back then, there was no such option. Mind you, unless you’re a photoshop wizard, even digital cameras can’t do much to rescue a pic where an arm, leg, or head have been cut off by an incompetent, half drunk amateur photographer !

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    • welcome to the club, tric – you’re in good company!

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  4. I won’t expect the youngsters to understand this, but we used to have

    3d pocket money


    • bungers

      winding up the clock on the mantelpiece

      waiting for radio valves to warm up

      crank-starting the car

      pen leaking ink

      short back and sides

      no such thing as bicycle helmets

      no such thing as car seatbelts

      LPs, EPs, 33s, 45s and 78s

      catholic, church of england, or presbyterian.

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  5. I miss clearing out the fire grate, laying the wood and twisted paper, coal on top and getting a new fire going! Cleaning the chimney. Chopping the wood, Bottling and brewing the ginger beer. Getting belted over the head by a neighbour when I was playing in the backyard and the hot ashes falling from the trains above on the viaduct setting my hair aflame. Mostly I miss the gal from number ten. Sorry about that, had an attack of nostalialitis lately. Hehe!

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