Why UK will be Cold : Think of Tea

by duncanr

Icy winds from Siberia [the ‘Beast from the East’] are bringing plunging temperatures and snow to the UK, disrupting traffic and communications

emergency shelters have been set up for the homeless, as health officials warn the exceptionally cold weather could killhttp://tinyurl.com/y78o367x

[don’t worry about me, folks. I should be OK. I’ve checked my . . .

cupboards and I’ve got 3 x bottles of whisky, 7 x bottles of malt whisky, 1 x bottle brandy, 1 x bottle Irish whiskey, 2 bottles of wine, and loads of lentils and rice – more than enough to see me through this cold spell. Mind you, I might have to swap my flip flops for sandals if the snow gets too deep!]

apparently this extreme weather is all because of a polar vortex disrupting the jet stream and drawing cold air from Siberia in over the UK

the BBC helpfully explains it all in this video. . .

3 Comments to “Why UK will be Cold : Think of Tea”

  1. Jet stream reversal?
    Proving that once again, the BBC have not the foggiest idea of the science and would be better sticking to subjects where they won’t embarrass themselves (much), such as analyzing the fashion trends set by Jeremy and Theresa.

    If anyone’s interested this site gives a better sense of the complexities involved.


  2. Glad you’ve stocked up, Duncan. What will you do if it lasts for more than two days, though? Hehe! TTFNski


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