The Broccoli Tree

by duncanr

more about the broccoli tree here –

7 Comments to “The Broccoli Tree”

  1. I saw this coming halfway through the video. That’s why I don’t share my secret hiking places. It’s not to “hoard” or “hide,” it’s to help. I know how to enjoy nature without getting in its way. I’m a dying breed.

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  2. Imagine this guy didn’t say “broccoli tree”. Then you wouldn’t have that ugly word stuck in your brain and going round and around and around and around and
    broccoli tree, broccoli tree, broccoli tree, broccoli tree
    broccoli, broccoli, broccoli, broccoli, broccoli,
    And then it gets worse with endless little annoying variations on the word:
    pronounced like the Italians would: bro-cho-lee, bro-cho-lee, bro-cho-lee, bro-cho-lee
    and then like some kind of new disgusting anal-dwelling bacterium:
    e-coli, bro-coli, e-coli, bro-coli, bro-coli, bro-coli, bro-coli, bro-coli
    and now your infested with the world’s worst-tasting vegetable with the worst-ugly name
    stuck in your brain, stuck in your brain, stuck in your brain.


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  3. It doesn’t even look like it.


  4. Forty kilometres to the west of Lake Vättern is the city of Mariestad which lies on the shores of another lake with a similar sounding name. The shores of Lake Vänern were the childhood playgrounds of Anni Ninna Hindocha, who married Shrien Dewani in October 2010, and was brutally murdered on her honeymoon in South Africa two weeks later.
    For some reason, The Mad Hatters became a centre for discussion of that shocking event, centred largely on suspicions that the husband was involved. Within days, the South African police had identified four suspects, and three weeks later, two of those turned State’s evidence, accusing the husband of masterminding a fake hijacking during which the bride was killed.
    Long story short: after four years of paying expensive psychiatrists, expensive publicity agents, and expensive lawyers to avoid extradition, Shrien Dewani finally faced trial in South Africa, and was acquitted under extremely unsatisfactory circumstances.
    Shrien Dewani never had to answer to any of the evidence against him. That evidence could have been presented by the prosecution to form an interlocking web which to a reasonable mind could not be coincidental.
    But in Zuma’s South Africa there was no such effort by the prosecution. Some key evidence was not even listed in the prosecution case. Other key evidence was poorly presented, then rejected out of hand by the judge. In the end, eighty percent of the judge’s written verdict was copied almost word for word from Dewani’s defence submission, and in her shame-faced reading of her own verdict, eyes downcast to avoid the gaze of Anni’s family, she stumbled over words which plainly stuck in her throat.
    Anni’s family had pinned their hopes on the legal system, trusting that the full truth of what happened to their daughter would come out in court. But in a trial which will forever stand to South Africa’s shame, they were betrayed.
    Much of the material concerning this case has now disappeared from the web, but the early discussions here on Mad Hatters can still be seen in the archives.


  5. Oops – an error in that last line.
    Here’s the corrected one:
    The early discussions here on Mad Hatters can be seen in the archives.


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