Proof learning Latin destroys your soul

by allthoughtswork

Everyday Life Facts

I suffered through that crap in college. Trust me, just buy a Latin to English dictionary.


2 Comments to “Proof learning Latin destroys your soul”

  1. Latin was compulsory the first two years of my secondary school in Scotland

    I hated it – couldn’t wait to dump it (much to my, and my teacher’s, relief) in my 3rd year


    • I managed to locate and sit before several of the most useless language instructors in America before I found a sign language teacher at my university who cracked me the hell up.

      He would say, in reference to the high truancy rate in his difficult course, “You are the only people I know who prefer to pay the most amount you possibly can for each class.”

      He divided the cost of the semester by the number of actual days in attendance to determine our individual resolve. In which case, I got a bargain and can still finger spell to this day.


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