Return of the blonde, blue-eyed elk

by allthoughtswork


There’s a hottie wandering the fields of Jewell, Oregon. She weighs close to 500 pounds, so you better come prepared, boys.

I spotted her back on a cold, wet Sunday in February, one of those days when you really don’t want to exert yourself or do anything productive but you really, really want to get the fuck out of the house for a few hours. So, road trip.

Jewell has several very large fields designated as an elk sanctuary for grazing and migration. You can pull over, set up a scope, and gaze at these lovely creatures for hours if you’ve dressed right. Otherwise, it’s torture by frostbite.

My camera obviously sucks like a Hoover but this guy captured her in all her golden glory. It’s very possible we saw the same lady over the years, or her offspring.

Somebody even caught her on film:


5 Comments to “Return of the blonde, blue-eyed elk”

  1. magnificent creatures!


  2. there’s a valley on the west coast of scotland that’s little visited because it doesn’t lead anywhere and if you do venture to the end of it you have to turn back and retrace your steps because there’s no way forward unless you have wings, or a boat strapped to your back

    it’s one of my favourite haunts

    used to camp out at the end of the valley and watch the deer – early morning and evening they’d come down off the hills to drink at the stream. Would lie there, still and quiet, and watch them approach closer and closer – magical !


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