Ken Dodd R.I.P.

by duncanr

UK comic, Ken Dodd, aged 90 yrs, died a couple of days ago –

as might be imagined, the UK media has been paying homage to the man

he was an all-round entertainer – a singer (with several hit songs in the charts at a time when he was competing with the likes of the stones and the beatles), a comic, a ventriloquist

his stage shows were legendary, renowned for over-running (3 hour shows stretching to 5 hours, it being impossible to get the bugger off the stage when he was performing) – a defining characteristic Gary Delaney alluded to in this tweet . . .

RIP Sir Ken Dodd. One of the all time greats. The funeral will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday.

I’m obviously in the minority because I have mixed feelings about him . . .

a lot of his humour, e.g., his tickling stick, and his creation of the diddy men from knotty ash, I found childish, unfunny, and teeth-gratingly irritating

that said, I have to acknowledge he was one of a kind – an anachronism, perhaps, best suited to an earlier age when music-hall was king – but some of his quick fire gags did make me chortle, as did his ventriloquist act . . .


3 Comments to “Ken Dodd R.I.P.”

  1. No foul language used, but innuendo was utilised cleverly, I thought. I agree about the ‘Diddy men from knotty ash’. TTFNski


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