This explains that woman in the check out lane yesterday

by allthoughtswork

shroom head


4 Comments to “This explains that woman in the check out lane yesterday”

  1. Yes, i knew that! I’m a vegetarian and a fruitarian that i once met thought that eating bread was immoral, because of the yeast we are related to! He was emaciated and looked like death-warmed-over. People can believe anything!


    • I had to break contact with a militant vegan who passive-aggressively worked my sin of meat-gnawing into every goddamned conversation. We could be talking about the postal service and all of a sudden, I should be ashamed of myself for bacon breath.

      I was a veggie for years, then vegan, then raw vegan. I know all the comebacks. Turns out, keto was better for me and that’s where I am now. Who gives a shit? There are far more interesting topics to canvass than what we’re all converting into poo right now.


      • Eating nothing but plant matter is as unhealthy, for humans, as eating nothing but animal matter.

        I think this is why vegans tend to be so militant—they know they need to supplement their diets with eggs and dairy products, at least, but don’t have enough confidence in themselves. They think if they shift back to vegetarianism, they will go completely carnivore.

        Even Hindus—who worship cattle as gods—drink cows’ milk.


        • There is no such thing as a vegetarian. Even without that Kim-chi, Sauerkraut, Yoghurt, or Pro-biotic you’re still getting a decent dose of bacteria with every mouthful, and bacteria are animals, right!


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