Thomas Edison was a Trump

by allthoughtswork

Image result for thomas edison movie camera

I knew ol’ Tom was a prick (when you take credit for a lot of things you didn’t invent and you skip regular baths, that makes you a prick) but I never knew how Trumpian things actually got.

Apparently, Edison “attempted to monopolize the movie industry, using furious litigation and the literal hiring of thugs to batter down any rogue filmmakers unaffiliated with his group.” Sounds like somebody we know.

The movie industry fled west to California to get away from the prick and now we have Hollywood. Maybe conservatives will flee north to Alaska to escape ol’ Trumpy? They could set up their own country where women’s votes are worth 3/5 of a man’s but ladies can have as many guns as they want. I can’t see that ending badly, can you?

3 Comments to “Thomas Edison was a Trump”

  1. certainly sounds like two of a kind!


  2. Edison was notorious for that kind of behavior—he’s reported to have especially victimized Tesla.

    What most Americans today need to understand is that the politicians who call themselves conservatives are actually neocons.

    Every Republican president since George H.W. Bush has been a neocon—and the last truly conservative president of the United States was Gerald Ford. You don’t hear much about Ford because he just did his job, and didn’t abuse his authority—unlike every U.S. president since Jimmy Carter.

    The Democratic Party has not been conservative, at all, since November 22, 1963.

    And the Republican Party has not been conservative, at all, since June 22, 2015.

    Democratic and Republican voters have got to abandon both the Democratic and Republican parties.

    Both parties make fools of all who remain loyal to them.


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