Cheap vs Expensive Meat

by duncanr

stumbled across this video this morning which might be of interest to any meat-eaters amongst madhatter readers . . .


2 Comments to “Cheap vs Expensive Meat”

  1. About a year ago, Boar’s Head started packaging its salamis and sausages in a thicker plastic—and its salamis and sausages have been almost inedible ever since. The thicker plastic keeps TOO much oxygen out—making the salami and sausage too hard to chew.


  2. Two things. First of all, this guy is priming his decisions ahead of time through visual cues. Once he’s detected which one LOOKS cheaper, you can watch his entire demeanor change towards that selection.

    It’s ridiculously easy to fool the brain, lots of “high end” brands only pretend to do what they should be doing during processing and people buy it, literally and figuratively. Blindfold this guy and give him centimeter-sized cubes of each meat (a form none of these meats usually take) and I’d bet you’d see a closer race. If you’re not rich enough to have a choice between the sale prosciutto and the good stuff, who gives a shit, anyway?

    Second, processed meat is gross. Learn to cook.


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