My rhododendrons: Gardener recommended, Mallard approved

by allthoughtswork




Note: Most of my rhodies are thick and hale, it’s just that this one is quietly hidden under a camellia tree and doesn’t see a speck of direct sun, hence its spindly, yet duck-friendly aspect. Can’t wait for the ducklets!

Update: Evidence of two ducklets detected.


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5 Comments to “My rhododendrons: Gardener recommended, Mallard approved”

  1. be sure to post pics when they hatch


    • If I can get ’em on film. Once they hatch, she’ll start them right away on the mile-plus march through the neighborhood to the nearest pond.

      Until then, I’ve bought a giant plant pot saucer to fill with water for her and I’m setting out a plastic container of bird seed every day, bringing it in at night to discourage vermin and predators.


  2. Looks like she left with two toddlers in tow, I only wish I had been witness to the cuteness.

    (pic added to original post)


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