Nailed it

by allthoughtswork

This is a cake. This is a cake on meth. Any questions?


2 Comments to “Nailed it”

  1. some of these really made me chuckle – made me think of my sister

    my mum loved baking and each year would make an impressive, delicious iced Xmas cake

    after she died, my sister decided to carry on the tradition

    we had a lovely xmas dinner, then she asked me to cut her cake

    it wasn’t a very pretty cake but she was very proud her first cake did look somewhat like the cake my mum used to make

    I went into the kitchen and tried to cut the cake – it resisted my best efforts

    I asked my brother-in-law to join me in the kitchen for a moment – I reckoned it needed someone with more muscles than me to pierce the icing on the cake

    he gave it his best shot – to no avail

    I fetched my toolbox and handed him a hammer and chisel

    my father joined us in the kitchen to see what was taking us so long to bring the cake out

    he poured us a large whisky while we discussed our next step

    to cut a long story short, after several more whiskies, and after taking the cake outside and hitting it with a brick, watched by a gathering crowd, we gave up trying to cut through the cement-like icing, turned the bloody thing upside down and scooped the innards out

    needless to say, that was the last Xmas cake my sister baked !


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