Utah passes America’s first “Free-Range Parenting” Law

by allthoughtswork


Free-Range Parenting? Let’s get real, people, it’s actually Organic Cage-Free Childhood, or as we used to call it, childhood.*

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*I’m not going to regale you with happy tales of running around outdoors all day with other kids in the 70s, mostly because I grew up alone in the middle of fucking nowhere and it wasn’t happy, but I will point out that my generation can go hours and hours without internet service without requiring meds and yours can’t, so there. Neener, neener.

2 Comments to “Utah passes America’s first “Free-Range Parenting” Law”

  1. always struck me as ironic that there are umpteen movies showing kids in america playing (without adult supervision) for hours on their own, having all sorts of adventures, and yet current generation of american parents have become paranoid about letting their kids play on their own for the briefest time, and authorities have made it an offence to do so

    thankfully, this is not the case in the UK – I live on the edge of a park and everyday see groups of kids playing on their own; older kids looking after their younger siblings


    • Good to know. But then, you don’t have 2nd Amendment crazies packin’ Uzis along with the diaper bag on those park outings with the kids. It’s those ones who scare me, not the kidnappers, etc.


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