We are all going to hell

by allthoughtswork

Yes. In the most genius move to have happened to food in the last decade, two of the greatest foods in the world (chocolate and peanut butter) have been paired with your childhood fav, Cheerios.


Because this exists and….

Image result for nutrition label cheerios chocolate peanut butter


this is its nutritional label.

See the serving size? Have you ever in your life eaten three quarters of a cup of breakfast cereal and then stopped? Of course, you haven’t. So, let’s double that (for starters) and take a gander at the amount of sugar* you’d be mainlining if you spooned this atrocity into your veins every morning:

sugar cube and spoon sweet sweetener

sugar cube and spoon sweet sweetener


Think about that and try not to nap on public transportation.

*Carbs = sugar as far as your liver and pancreas are concerned so I’m stickin’ by my math.

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